KSE Listed Companies

Updated as of August 25, 2015


(Number of companies in sector: 12)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AGTL Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited 57,964,201 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ATLH Atlas Honda Limited 103,406,536 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DFML Dewan Farooque Motors Limited 108,735,242 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
GHNL Ghandara Nissan Limited 45,002,500 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GHNI Ghandhara Industries Limited 21,304,422 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GAIL Ghani Automobile Industries Limited 50,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HINO HinoPak Motors Limited 12,400,600 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
HCAR Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited 142,800,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
INDU Indus Motor Company Limited 78,600,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
MTL Millat Tractors Limited 44,292,541 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PSMC Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited 82,299,851 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SAZEW Sazgar Engineering Works Limited 17,972,368 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 9)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AGIL Agriautos Industries Limited 28,800,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
ATBA Atlas Battery Limited 17,399,643 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BWHL Baluchistan Wheels Limited 13,334,250 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
BELA Bela Automotive Limited 5,800,000 JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
DWAE Dewan Automotive Engineering Limited 21,400,000 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
EXIDE Exide Pakistan Limited 7,768,618 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GTYR General Tyre and Rubber Co. of Pakistan Limited 59,771,300 Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
THALL Thal Limited 81,029,917 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
TREI Transmission Engineering Industries Limited 11,700,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 8)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
CASS Casspak Industries Limited 2,200,000  
CECL Climax Engineering Company Limited 3,312,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
JOPP Johnson and Phillips (Pakistan) Limited 5,450,000 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PAEL Pak Elektron Limited 398,145,188 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PCAL Pakistan Cables Limited 28,462,376 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SIEM Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Limited 8,247,037 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SING Singer Pakistan Limited 45,405,624 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
TPL TPL Trakker Limited 217,248,963 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 22)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ACPL Attock Cement (Pakistan) Limited 114,522,468 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
BWCL Bestway Cement Limited 579,384,918 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
CHCC Cherat Cement Company Limited 176,631,948 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
DGKC D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited 438,119,097 Self Handled
DBCI Dadabhoy Cement Industries Limited 98,236,644 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
DNCC Dandot Cement Company Limited 94,840,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DCL Dewan Cement Limited 484,113,343 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
FCCL Fauji Cement Company Limited 1,331,115,839 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FECTC Fecto Cement Limited 50,160,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FLYNG Flying Cement Company Limited 176,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GWLC Gharibwal Cement Limited 400,273,960 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
JVDC Javedan Corporation Limited 116,652,640 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
JVDCPS Javedan Corporation Limited (Pref Shares) 112,021,300 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
KOHC Kohat Cement Limited 154,508,688 AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
LUCK Lucky Cement Limited 323,375,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MLCF Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited 527,733,926 Vision Consulting Limited
PAKCEM Pakcem Limited 1,456,109,027  
PIOC Pioneer Cement Limited 227,148,793 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
POWER Power Cement Limited 365,689,968 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SMCPL Safe Mix Concrete Limited 25,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
THCCL Thatta Cement Company Limited 99,718,125 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
ZELP Zeal Pak Cement Factory Limited 427,838,526 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 28)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AGL Agritech Limited 392,430,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AGLNCPS Agritech Limited Non-voting Class (Pref Shares) 159,334,269 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AKZO Akzo Nobel Pakistan Limited 46,443,250 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ARPL Archroma Pakistan Limited 34,118,229 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BAPL Bawany Air Product Limited 7,502,510 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BERG Berger Paints Pakistan Limited 18,186,409 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BIFO Biafo Industries Limited 20,000,000 Riasat Ishtiaq Consulting (Pvt.) Limited
BUXL Buxly Paints Limited 1,440,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
COLG Colgate Palmolive (Pakistan) Limited 47,954,934 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DAAG Data Agro Limited 4,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DCH Descon Chemicals Limited 199,557,856 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DOL Descon Oxychem Limited 102,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DYNO Dynea Pakistan Limited 18,872,400 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
EPCL Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited 663,468,788 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GGL Ghani Gases Limited 74,274,575 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ICI I.C.I. Pakistan Limited 92,359,050 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ICL Ittehad Chemical Limited 50,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
LPGL Leiner Pak Gelatine Limited 7,500,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
LINDE Linde Pakistan Limited 25,038,700 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
LOTCHEM Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited 1,514,207,200 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NICL Nimir Industrial Chemicals Limited 110,590,546 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PGCL Pakistan Gum and Chemiclas Limited 4,248,560 Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
PPVC Pakistan PVC Limited 14,958,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SARC Sardar Chemical Industries Limited 6,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SHCI Shaffi Chemical Industries Limited 12,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SITC Sitara Chemical Industries Limited 21,429,524 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SPL Sitara Peroxide Limited 55,100,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
WAHN Wah Noble Chemicals Limited 9,000,000 Ilyas Saeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 9)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
DOMF Dominion Stock Fund Limited 5,000,000  
FDMF First Dawood Mutual Fund 58,075,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
GASF Golden Arrow Selected Funds Limited 152,098,344 JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
INMF Investec Mutual Fund 10,000,000  
PGF PICIC Growth Fund 283,500,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
PIF PICIC Investment Fund 284,125,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
POAF Pak Oman Advantage Fund 100,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PUDF Prudential Stocks Fund Limited 6,000,000 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
TSMF Tri-Star Mutual Fund Limited 5,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 24)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ABL Allied Bank Limited 1,145,073,831 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
AKBL Askari Bank Limited 1,260,260,180 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BAFL Bank Al-Falah Limited 1,589,806,187 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
BAHL Bank Al-Habib Limited 1,111,425,419 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
BOK Bank Of Khyber Limited 1,000,371,168 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BOP Bank Of Punjab Limited 1,555,113,165 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
BIPL Bankislami Pakistan Limited 1,007,912,192 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FABL Faysal Bank Limited 1,199,760,100 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
HBL Habib Bank Limited 1,466,852,508 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
HMB Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited 1,047,831,480 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
JSBL JS Bank Limited 1,072,464,262 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
MCB MCB Bank Limited 1,113,030,752 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MEBL Meezan Bank Limited 1,002,737,867 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NIB NIB Bank Limited 10,302,851,164 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NBP National Bank Of Pakistan 2,127,512,862 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SBL Samba Bank Limited 1,008,238,648 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SILKR1 Silk Bank(R) 6,410,256,410  
SILK Silkbank Limited 2,671,604,827 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SNBL Soneri Bank Limited 1,102,463,503 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SCBPL Standard Chartered Bank Limited 3,871,585,021 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SMBL Summit Bank Limited 1,077,979,575 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SMBLCPSA Summit Bank(Con)A 110,942,434  
SMBLCPSB Summit Bank(Con)B 104,653,482  
UBL United Bank Limited 1,224,179,688 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 18)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ADOS Ados Pakistan Limited 6,582,600 Evolution Factor (Private) Limited
ASL Aisha Steel Mills Limited 271,063,652 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ASLPS Aisha Steel Mills Limited (Preference Shares) 72,756,406 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ASLCPS Aisha Steel Mills Ltd(Con.Cum.Pref.Share 171,910,029  
BCL Bolan Casting Limited 11,472,514 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
CSAP Crescent Steel & Allied Products Limited 62,105,993 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DADX Dadex Eternit Limited 10,764,000 JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
DSL Dost Steels Limited 67,464,500 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
DKL Drekkar Kingsway Limited 2,239,200 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
DKLR Drekkar Kingsway Limited(R) 7,760,800  
HSPI Huffaz Seamless Pipe Industries Limited 55,484,300 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
INIL International Industries Limited 119,892,600 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ISL International Steels Limited 435,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KSBP K.S.B. Pumps Co. Limited 13,200,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MSCL Metropolitan Steel Corporation Limited 30,977,500  
MUGHAL Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited 109,391,153 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PECO Pakistan Engineering Company Limited 5,690,200 Scarlet IT Systems (Pvt.) Limited
QUSW Quality Steel Works Limited 1,771,800 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 7)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AHCL Arif Habib Corporation Limited 453,750,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
DAWH Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited 481,287,124 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ENGRO Engro Corporation Limited 523,784,755 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
EFERT Engro Fertilizers Limited 1,330,932,292 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FATIMA Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited 2,100,000,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
FFBL Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited 934,110,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FFC Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited 1,272,238,147 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 20)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
CLOV Clover Pakistan Limited 9,434,880 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
EFOODS Engro Foods Limited 766,596,075 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GLPL Gillette Pakistan Limited 19,200,000 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GIL Goodluck Industries Limited 300,000 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ISIL Ismail Industries Limited 50,520,750 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MFFL Mitchells Fruit Farms Limited 7,875,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
MUREB Murree Brewery Company Limited 23,053,026 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
NATF National Foods Limited 103,606,858 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
NESTLE Nestle Pakistan Limited 45,349,551 Gorsi Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NMFL Nirala MSR Foods Limited 16,589,500 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NOPK Noon Pakistan Limited 11,761,200 Self Handled
NOPKNV Noon Pakistan Limited - Non Voting Shares 19,602,000  
QUICE Quice Food Limited 98,461,828 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
RMPL Rafhan Maize Products Limited 9,236,400 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHEZ Shezan International Limited 7,986,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SCL Shield Corporation Limited 3,900,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
TREET Treet Corporation Limited 134,876,752 Scarlet IT Systems (Pvt.) Limited
TCLTC Treet Corporation Limited (Pref Term Certificates) 41,822,250 Scarlet IT Systems (Pvt.) Limited
UPFL Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited 6,157,600 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ZIL ZIL Limited 6,122,600 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 11)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
BGL Baluchistan Glass Limited 171,600,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
EMCO Emco Industries Limited 34,999,667 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FRCL Frontier Ceramics Limited 37,873,821 Saeed Methani Mushtaq & Co
GHGL Ghani Glass Mills Limited 123,219,005 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
GGGL Ghani Global Glass Limited 50,000,000  
GVGL Ghani Value Glass Limited 18,837,500 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KCL Karam Ceramics Limited 14,549,060 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MEDI Medi Glass Limited 7,593,800  
REGAL Regal Ceramics Limited 7,300,000  
STCL Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics Limited 239,320,620 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
TGL Tariq Glass Industries Limited 73,458,000 Shemas International (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 32)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AICL Adamjee Insurance Company Limited 350,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
ASIC Asia Insurance Company Limited 30,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
AGIC Askari General Inusrance Company Limited 38,834,406 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ATIL Atlas Insurance Limited 70,161,388 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BEEM Beema Pakistan Company Limited 41,683,700  
BIIC Business & Industrial Insurance Company 8,554,376 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
CENI Century Insurance Comany Limited 45,724,367 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CSIL Crescent Star Insurance Company Limited 62,012,500 MG Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CYAN Cyan Limited 58,627,584 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
EFUG EFU General Insurance Limited 160,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
EFUL EFU Life Assurance Limited 100,000,001 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
EWIC East West Insurance Company Limited 40,150,257 Beema Associates (Pvt.) Limited
EWLA East West Life Assurance Company Limited 59,429,150 Beema Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HICL Habib Insurance Company Limited 123,874,755 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
HMICL Hallmark Insurance Company Limited 500,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
IGIIL IGI Insurance Limited 122,689,530 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IGIL IGI Life Insurance Company Limited 50,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JGICL Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited 156,910,181 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JLICL Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited 72,118,800 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PIL PICIC Insurance Limited 35,000,000 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PKGI Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited 40,001,250 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PGIC Pakistan Guarantee Insurance Company Limited 2,516,600  
PAKRI Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited 300,000,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PINL Premier Insurance Limited 34,824,454 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PRIC Progressive Insurance Company Limited 8,500,000 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
RICL Reliance Insurance Company Limited 46,397,756 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHNI Shaheen Insurance Company Limited 45,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SSIC Silver Star Insurance Co. Limited 30,564,844  
SICL Standard Insurance Company Limited 750,000  
TDIL TPL Direct Insurance Limited 75,515,899 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
UNIC United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited 128,800,000 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
UVIC Universal Insurance Company Limited 37,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 26)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AMSL Al-Mal Securities & Services Limited 5,000,000  
AMBL Apna Microfinance Bank Limited 220,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
AHL Arif Habib Limited 55,000,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
DCM Dawood Capital Management Limited 14,973,750 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
DEL Dawood Equities Limited 25,000,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
ESBL Escorts Investment Bank Limited 44,100,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FCSC First Capital Securites Corporation Limited 316,610,115 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FCIBL First Credit & Invest Bank Limited 65,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FDIBL First Dawood Investment Bank Limited 68,444,110 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FNEL First National Equities Limited 141,809,831 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
IGIBL IGI Investment Bank Limited 212,102,550 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
IFSL Invest & Finance Securities Limited 20,015,650 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
ICIBL Invest Capital Investment Bank Limited 284,866,896 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ITSL Investec Securites Limited 16,333,333 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
JSGCL JS Global Capital Limited 50,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
JSIL JS Investments Limited 100,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
JSCL Jahangir Siddiqui Company Limited 763,285,323 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
JOVC Javed Omer Vohra and Company Limited 50,820,000 Gangjees Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
KASBSL KASB Securities Limited 100,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MCBAH MCB-ARIF Habib Savings & Investments Ltd 72,000,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
PASL Pervez Ahmed Securities Limited 186,568,487 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PDGH Prudential Discount Guarantee House Limited 10,000,000 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
PRIB Prudential Investment Bank Limited 10,000,000 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
SIBL Security Investment Bank Limited 51,433,559 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TRIBL Trust Investment Bank Limited 68,590,370 Vision Consulting Limited
TSBL Trust Securities and Brokerage Limited 10,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 3)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ASRL Associated Services Limited 3,557,400  
CJPL Crescent Jute Proudcts Limited 23,763,468 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SUHJ Suhail Jute Mills Limited 3,745,000 Nasir Absar & Co. (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 12)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
CPAL Capital Assets Leasing Corporation Limited 10,744,413 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
ENGL English Leasing Limited 8,000,000 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GRYL Grays Leasing Limited 21,500,000 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KCORP KASB Corporation Limited 557,773,090 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
NEXT Next Capital Limited 20,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
OLPL Orix Leasing Pakistan Limited 82,052,930 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
PGLC Pak Gulf Leasing Company Limited 25,369,800 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PICL Pakistan Industrial and Commercial Leasing Limited 39,398,933  
SPLC Saudi Pak Leasing Company Limited 45,160,500 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SLCL Security Leasing Corporation Limited 36,300,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SLCPA Security Leasing Corporation Limited - 9.1% Preference Shares 11,250,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SCLL Standard Chartered Leasing Limited 97,835,481 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 5)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
BATA Bata Pakistan Limited 7,560,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
FIL Fateh Industries Limited. 2,000,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
LEUL Leather Up Industries Limited 6,000,000 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PAKL Pak Leather Crafts Limited 3,400,000  
SRVI Service Industries Limited 12,028,800 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 23)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AKDCL AKD Capital Limited 2,507,273 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AKGL Al-Khair Gadoon Limited 10,000,000 Shemas International (Pvt.) Limited
ARPAK Arpak International Investment Limited 4,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DCTL Dadabhoy Construction Technology Limited 2,322,800 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
DIIL Diamond Industries Limited 9,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DREL Dreamworld Limited 32,000,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
ECOP Ecopack Limited 22,976,970 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
GAMON Gammon Pakistan Limited 28,266,231 Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
GRAYS Grays Of Cambridge (Pakistan) Limited 7,348,950 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HACC Hashmi Can Company Limited 1,633,500  
HADC Haydary Construction Company Limited 6,400,000 Secretarial Services (Pvt.) Limited
MACFL Macpac Films Limited 38,886,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
MWMP Mandviwala Mauser Plastic Industries Limited 7,355,400 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MIGM Mineral Grinding Mills Limited 3,600,000  
PACE Pace (Pakistan) Limited 278,876,604 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PHDL Pakistan Hotels Developers Limited 18,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
PSEL Pakistan Services Limited 32,524,250 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SHFA Shifa International Hospitals Limited 50,513,800 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
STPL Siddiqsons Tin Plate Limited 78,520,090 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SPEL Synthetic Products Enterprises Limited 77,350,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TRIPF Tri-Pack Films Limited 30,000,000 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
UBDL United Brands Limited 10,800,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
UDPL United Distributors Pakistan Limited 18,367,800 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 26)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ARM Allied Rental Modarba 146,250,000 JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
BFMOD B.F. Modaraba 7,515,159 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BRR B.R.R. Guardian Modaraba 78,046,255 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
CSM Crescent Standard Modaraba 20,000,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FANM First Al-Noor Modarba 21,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FCONM First Constellation Modaraba 6,462,500 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
FECM First Elite Capital Modaraba 11,340,000 Hassan Farooq Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FEM First Equity Modarba 52,440,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FFLM First Fidelity Leasing Modaraba 26,413,804 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FHAM First Habib Modarba Limited 201,600,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
FIBLM First IBL Modaraba 20,187,500 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FIMM First Imrooz Modaraba Limited 3,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
FIM First Investec Modaraba 3,000,000 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
FNBM First National Bank Modarba 25,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PAKMI First Pakistan Modarba 12,540,000 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
FPRM First Paramount Modaraba 11,989,929 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PMI First Prudential Modarba 87,217,660 Shares & Corporate Services (Pvt.) Limited
FPJM First Punjab Modarba 34,020,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FTSM First Tri-Star Modarba 21,163,104  
FUDLM First UDL Modarba 26,386,600 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
KASBM KASB Modaraba 48,066,480 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MODAM Modaraba Al - Mali 18,423,945 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SINDM Sindh Modaraba 45,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SCM Standard Chartered Modaraba 45,383,530 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TRSM Trust Modarba 29,800,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
UCAPM UNICAP Modarba 13,640,000 Progressive Management Services (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 4)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
MARI Mari Petroleum Company Limited 110,250,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
OGDC Oil and Gas Development Company Limited 4,300,928,400 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
POL Pakistan Oilfields Limited 236,545,920 Self Handled
PPL Pakistan Petroleum Limited 1,971,715,615 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 7)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
APL Attock Petroleum Limited 82,944,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BPL Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited 22,639,992 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HASCOL Hascol Petroleum Limited 100,566,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PSO Pakistan State Oil Company Limited 271,685,938 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHEL Shell Pakistan Limited 107,012,330 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SNGP Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited 634,216,666 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SSGC Sui Southern Gas Company Limited 880,916,400 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 9)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ABSON Abson Industries Limited 3,100,000  
BPBL Baluchistan Particle Board Limited 6,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CEPB Century Paper and Board Mills Limited 147,018,345 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CPPL Cherat Packaging Limited. 27,540,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
DBSL Dadabhoy Sack Limited 4,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
MERIT Merit Packaging Limited 40,314,199 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PKGS Packages Limited 88,379,504 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PPP Pakistan Paper Prouducts Limited 6,000,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
SEPL Security Paper Limited 59,255,988 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 9)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ABOT Abbot Laboatories (Pakistan) Limited 97,900,302 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FEROZ Ferozsons Laboratories Limited 30,186,841 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GLAXO GlaxoSmithKline (Pakistan) Limited 318,467,276 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
HINOON Highnoon Laboratories Limited 20,362,180 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
IBLHL IBL HealthCare Limited 29,900,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
OTSU Otsuka Pakistan Limited 11,000,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SAPL Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited 9,644,800 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SEARL The Searle Company Limited 85,840,756 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
WYETH Wyeth Pakistan Limited 1,421,610 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 19)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ALTN Altern Energy Limited 363,380,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
EPQL Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited 323,800,000 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GENP Genertech Pakistan Limited 19,800,000  
HUBC Hub Power Company Limited 1,157,154,400 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IDEN Ideal Energy Limited 8,000,000 Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
JPGL Japan Power Generation Limited 156,037,591 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KEL K-Electric Limited 2,266,215,300 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
KOHE Kohinoor Energy Limited 169,458,600 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KOHP Kohinoor Power Company Limited 12,600,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KAPCO Kot Addu Power Company Limited 880,253,228 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
LPL Lalpir Power Limited 379,838,732 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
NCPL Nishat Chunian Power Limited 367,346,939 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NPL Nishat Power Limited 354,088,500 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PKGP PAKGEN Power Limited 372,081,591 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SGPL S.G. Power Limited 17,833,200 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SPWL Saif Power Limited 386,471,779 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SEL Sitara Energy Limited 19,092,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SEPCO Southern Electric Power Company Limited 136,675,752 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
TSPL Tri-Star Power Limited 15,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 1)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
DCR Dolmen City Reit 2,223,700,000  


(Number of companies in sector: 4)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ATRL Attock Refinery Limited 85,293,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BYCO Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited 977,858,737 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NRL National Refinery Limited 79,966,560 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PRL Pakistan Refinery Limited 294,000,000 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 35)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AGSML Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited 79,261,700 Five Ks (Pvt.) Limited
ADAMS Adam Sugar Mills Limited 17,291,008 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AABS Al-Abbas Sugar Mills Limited 17,362,300 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ALNRS Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited 20,473,755 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ANSM Ansari Sugar Mills Limtied 24,407,300 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
BAFS Baba Farid Sugar Mills Limited 9,450,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
CHAS Chashma Sugar Mills Limited. 28,692,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DWSM Dewan Sugar Mills Limited 66,511,992 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
FRSM Faran Sugar Mills Limited 25,007,151 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HABSM Habib Sugar Mills Limited 150,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HAL Habib-ADM Limited 40,000,000 Secretarial Services (Pvt.) Limited
HWQS Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Limited 32,400,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HUSS Husein Sugar Mills Limited 17,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IMSL Imperial Sugar Limited 99,020,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
JDWS J.D.W. Sugar Mills Limited 59,776,661 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
JSML Jauharabad Sugar Mills Limited 10,909,797 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KPUS Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited 16,017,500 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MRNS Mehran Sugar Mills Limited 32,031,407 Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
MIRKS Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited 12,268,220 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
MZSM Mirza Sugar Mills Limited 14,100,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
NONS Noon Sugar Mills Limited 16,517,456 Self Handled
PNGRS Pangrio Sugar Mills Limited 10,850,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
PMRS Premier Sugar Mills and Distillery Company Limited 3,750,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SKRS Sakrand Sugar Mills Limited 22,308,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SLSO Saleem Sugar Mills Limited (O) 1,121,600  
SLSOPP Saleem Suger Mills Limited (PP) 160,000  
SLSOPVI Saleem Suger Mills Ltd .(P) 6% 50,000  
SANSM Sanghar Sugar Mills Limited 11,946,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHSML Shahmurad Sugar Mills Limited 21,118,800 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SHJS Shahtaj Sugar Mills Limited 12,011,200 Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
SGML Shakerganj Mills Limited 69,523,796 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SGMLPS Shakerganj Mills Limited - Preference Shares 34,575,553 Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SASML Sind Abadgar Sugar Mills Limited 10,425,000 JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
TSML Tandlianwala Sugar Mills Limited 117,706,300 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
TICL Thal Industries Corporation Limited 15,023,200 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 11)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AASM Al-Abid Silk Mills Limited 13,409,550 JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
DSFL Dewan Salman Fibre Limited 366,321,085 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
GATI Gatron Industries Limited 38,364,500 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IBFL Ibrahim Fibre Limited 310,506,995 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
NAFL National Fibres Limited 84,777,800  
NSRM National Silk and Rayon Mills Limited 15,553,133 Orient Software & Management Services
NORS Noor Silk Mills Limited 400,000  
PSYL Pakistan Synthetics Limited 56,040,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
RUPL Rupali Polyester Limited 34,068,500 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SGFL S.G. Fiber Limited 15,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
TRPOL Tri-Star Ployester Limited 21,465,700 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 10)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
AVN Avanceon Limited 105,699,300 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HUMNL Hum Network Limited 945,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
MDTL Media Times Limited 178,851,010 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NETSOL NetSol Technologies Limited 89,046,423 Vision Consulting Limited
PAKD Pak Datacom Limited 9,801,000 Hassan Farooq Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PTC Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited 3,774,000,000 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SYS Systems Limited 110,680,876 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TRG TRG Pakistan Limited 445,390,665 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
TELE Telecard Limited 300,000,000 JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited
WTL WorldCall Telecom Limited 860,571,513 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 56)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
COST (Colony) Sarhad Textile Mills Limited 4,000,000 Nasir Absar & Co. (Pvt.) Limited
COTT (Colony) Thal Textile Mills Limited 5,568,800 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
AHTM Ahmed Hassan Textile Mills Limited 14,408,260 Vision Consulting Limited
ADMM Artistic Denim Mills Limited 84,000,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
ARUJ Aruj Industries Limited 10,457,890 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
ANLPS Azgard Nine - 8.95% Convertable Preference Shares 66,125,083  
ANL Azgard Nine Limited 449,349,439 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ANLNV Azgard Nine Limited (Non Voting Shares) 5,522,433  
BHAT Bhanero Textile Mills Limited 3,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BTL Blessed Textile Mills Limited 6,432,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CARF Caravan East Fabrics Limited 10,000,000  
CHBL Chenab Limited 115,000,000 Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
CLCPS Chenab Limited - Preference Shares 80,000,000  
CRTM Crescent Textile Mills Limited 61,512,403 Crescent Group Services (Pvt.) Limited
DLL Dawood Lawrancepur Limited 59,057,860 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FASM Faisal Spinning Mills Limited 10,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FSWL Fateh Sports Wear Limited 2,000,000 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
FTHM Fateh Textile Mills Limited 1,250,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
GFIL Ghazi Fabrics International Limited 32,635,600 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
GATM Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited 228,523,360 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HAFL Hafiz Limited 1,200,000 MG Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HAEL Hala Enterprises Limited 6,804,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HATM Hamid Textile Mills Limited 13,271,600 Dewsoft Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
HUSI Husein Industries Limited 10,625,800 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
INKL International Knitwear Limited 6,450,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ISTM Ishaq Textile Mills Limited 9,660,000 Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
JUBS Jubilee Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited 32,491,205 Crescent Group Services (Pvt.) Limited
KAKL Kaiser Art and Kraft Mills Limited 8,550,000  
KHYT Khyber Textile Mills Limited 1,227,500 Rahim Jan Hafizullah Associate (Pvt) Limited
KOIL Kohinoor Industries Limited 30,302,580 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KML Kohinoor Mills Limited 50,911,011 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KTML Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited 245,526,216 Vision Consulting Limited
MSOT Masood Textile Mills Limited 60,000,000 Orient Software & Management Services
MEHT Mehmood Textile Mills Limited 15,000,020 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MTIL Mian Textile Industries Limited 22,105,200 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MFTM Mohummed Farooq Textile Mills Limited 18,889,200 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
MUBT Mubarak Textile Mills Limited 5,400,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NINA Nina Industries Limited 24,200,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
NCL Nishat Chunian Limited 240,221,557 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NML Nishat Mills Limited 351,599,848 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PASM Paramount Spinning Mills Limited 17,352,330 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
QUET Quetta Textile Mills Limited 13,000,000 Najeeb Consultant (Pvt.) Limited
REDCO Redco Textiles Limited 49,292,600 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
REWM Reliance Weaving Mills Limited 30,810,938 Vision Consulting Limited
SFLL SFL Limited 20,091,450 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SFAT Safa Textiles Limited 4,000,000 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SFL Sapphire Fibers Limited 19,687,500 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SAPT Sapphire Textile Mills Limited 20,083,100 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SCHT Schon Textiles Limited 11,970,000  
STML Shams Textile Mills Limited 8,640,000 Crescent Group Services (Pvt.) Limited
SURC Suraj Cotton Mills Limited 23,958,000 Crescent Group Services (Pvt.) Limited
TAJT Taj Textile Mills Limited 33,442,000  
TOWL Towellers Limited 17,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
USMT Usman Textile MIlls Limited 3,726,300  
ZAHID Zahidjee Textile Mills Limited 127,486,582 Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
ZHCM Zahoor Cotton Mills Limited 9,860,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 87)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ADTM Adil Textile Mills Limited 7,725,800 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
AZTM Al-Azhar Textile Mills Limited 8,550,400  
ALQT Al-Qadir Textile Mills Limited 7,560,000 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
AQTM Al-Qaim Textile Mills Limited 7,453,000 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
AATM Ali Asghar Textile Mills Limited 44,426,694 C & K Management Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AWTX Allawasaya Textile & Weaving Mills Limited 800,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
AMTEX Amtex Limited 259,430,134 Vision Consulting Limited
ANNT Annoor Textile Mills Limited 1,742,400  
APOT Apollo Textile Mills Limited 8,284,700 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ASTM Asim Textile Mills Limited 15,177,000 National Biz Management (Pvt.) Limited
AYTM Ayesha Textile Mills Limited 1,400,000  
AZMT Azmat Textile Mills Limited 950,000  
BCML Babri Cotton Mills Limited 3,652,178 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
BILF Bilal Fibres Limited 14,100,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
BROT Brothers Textile Mills Limited 9,801,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
CWSM Chakwal Spinning Mills Limited 40,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
CTM Colony Textile Mills Limited 498,010,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CCM Crescent Cotton Mills Limited 21,377,475 Yaqoob Associates (Pvt.) Limited
CFL Crescent Fibres Limited 12,417,876 Crescent Group Services (Pvt.) Limited
DMTX D.M. Textile Mills Limited 3,052,400 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DSIL D.S. Industires Limited 60,000,000 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DSML Dar-es-Salaam Textile Mills Limited 8,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
DATM Data Textile Limited 9,909,600 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
DFSM Dewan Farooque Spinning Mills Limited 97,750,726 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DKTM Dewan Khalid Textile Mills Limited 6,610,759 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DMTM Dewan Mushtaq Textile Mills Limited 6,561,028 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DWTM Dewan Textile Mills Limited 46,064,609 BMF Consultants Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited
DINT Din Textile Mills Limited 22,421,689 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
ELCM Elahi Cotton Mills Limited 1,300,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
ELSM Ellcot Spinning Mills Limited 10,950,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
FAEL Fatima Enterprizes Limited 14,231,000  
FZCM Fazal Cloth Mills Limited 29,999,911 Vision Consulting Limited
FZTM Fazal Textile Mills Limited 6,187,500 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
GADT Gadoon Textile Mills Limited 23,437,500 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
GLAT Glamour Textile Mills Limited 26,640,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
GOEM Globe (OE) Textile Mills Limited 4,662,210 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
GLOT Globe Textile Mills Limited 16,367,085  
GUSM Gulistan Spinning Mills Limited 14,641,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GUTM Gulistan Textile Mills Limited 18,983,872 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
GSPM Gulshan Spinning Mills Limited 22,225,038 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HMIM Haji Mohammed Ismail Mills Limited 11,975,040 Najeeb Consultant (Pvt.) Limited
HAJT Hajra Textile Mills Limited 13,750,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
HIRAT Hira Textile Mills Limited 78,707,200 Vision Consulting Limited
IDSM Ideal Spinning Mills Limited 9,920,000 Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
IDRT Idrees Textile Mills Limited 18,048,000 NI Associates (Pvt.) Limited
IDYM Indus Dyeing Manufacturing Company Limited 18,073,731 Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
ISHT Ishtiaq Textile Mills Limited 4,250,000 MG Associates (Pvt.) Limited
ILTM Island Textile Mills Limited 500,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
JATM J.A. Textile Mills Limited 12,601,200 National Biz Management (Pvt.) Limited
JKSM J.K. Spinning Mills Limited 60,903,275  
JDMT Janana-de-Malucho Textile Mills Limited 4,784,850 Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
KACM Karim Cotton Mills Limited 1,183,200  
KSTM Khalid Siraj Textile Mills Limited 10,700,000 Software (Pvt.) Limited
KHSM Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited 13,174,800 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
KOHTM Kohat Textile Mills Limited 20,800,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
KOSM Kohinoor Spinning Mills Limited 130,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
LMSM Land Mark Spinning Industries Limited 12,123,700 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited
MQTM Maqbool Textile Mills Limited 16,800,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
MDTM Mehr Dastgir Textile Mills Limited 9,200,000  
MUKT Mukhtar Textile Mills Limited 14,500,000 Orient Software & Management Services
NPSM N.P. Spinning Mills Limited 14,700,000 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
NATM Nadeem Textile Mills Limited 12,015,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NAGC Nagina Cotton Mills Limited 18,700,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
NCML Nazir Cotton Mills Limited 23,000,000 Scarlet IT Systems (Pvt.) Limited
OLSM Olympia Spinning and Weaving Mills Limited 12,000,000 Najeeb Consultant (Pvt.) Limited
OLTM Olympia Textile Mills Limited 10,804,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
PRET Premium Textile Mills Limited 6,163,000 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
RAVT Ravi Textile Mills Limited 25,000,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
RCML Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills Limited 10,292,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
REST Resham Textile Industries Limited 36,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
RUBY Ruby Textile Mills Limited 52,214,400 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SAIF Saif Textile Mills Limited 26,412,900 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SJTM Sajjad Textile Mills Limited 21,267,800 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SALT Salfi Textile Mills Limited 3,342,570 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited
SLYT Sally Textile Mills Limited 8,775,000 Scarlet IT Systems (Pvt.) Limited
SANE Salman Noman Enterpries Limited 4,467,036 F.D. Registrar Services (SMC-Pvt.) Limited
SNAI Sana Industries Limited 8,593,750 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
SRSM Sargodha Spinning Mills Limited 31,200,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SSML Saritow Spinning Mills Limited 29,840,607 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SERT Service Textile Industries Limited 4,449,200 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SHDT Shadab Textile Mills Limited 3,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SHCM Shadman Cotton Mills Limited 17,636,800 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
SZTM Shahzad Textile Mills Limited 17,971,372 Hassan Farooq Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SUTM Sunrays Textile Mills Limited 6,900,000 Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
SUCM Sunshine Cotton Mills Limited 7,851,100  
THAS Taha Spinning Mills Limited 4,050,000 Najeeb Consultant (Pvt.) Limited
TATM Tata Textile Mills Limited 17,324,750 Noble Computer Services (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 14)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
ASHT Ashfaq Textile Mills Limited 34,985,000 Consulting One (Pvt.) Limited
AYZT Ayaz Textile Mills Limited 8,534,200 Softlink (Pvt.) Limited
FML Feroze 1888 Mills Limited 376,800,968 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
HKKT Hakkim Textile Mills Limited 5,394,800  
ICCT I.C.C. Textile Limited 30,001,120 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
MOHE Mohib Exports Limited 15,180,000  
PRWM Prosperity Weaving Mills Limited 18,480,000 Hameed Majeed Associates (Pvt.) Limited
SDOT Sadoon Textile Mills Limited 3,000,000  
SDIL Saleem Denim Industries Limited 3,901,800 Orient Software & Management Services
SMTM Samin Textiles Limited 26,728,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SERF Service Fabircs Limited 15,754,800 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited
STJT Shahtaj Textile Mills Limited 9,660,000 Corporate Support Services (Pvt.) Limited
YOUW Yousuf Weaving Mills Limited 40,000,000 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
ZTL Zephyr Textile Limited 59,428,729 THK Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 3)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
KHTC Khyber Tobacco Company Limited 1,201,800 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PAKT Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited 255,493,600 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited
PMPK Philip Morris (Pakistan) Limited 61,580,341 FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited


(Number of companies in sector: 6)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
PIAA Pakistan International Airlines Corporation 2,877,217,467 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PIAB Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (B Class Shares) 1,500,000 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
PIBTL Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited 948,268,130 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
PICT Pakistan International Container Terminal Limited 109,153,152 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
PNSC Pakistan National Shipping Corporation Limited 132,063,360 Technology Trade (Pvt.) Limited
PANI Pan Islamic Steamship Company Limited 5,000,000  


(Number of companies in sector: 5)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
EXTR Extraction (Pakistan) Limited 1,000,000  
MOIL Morafco Industries Limited 568,300  
POML Punjab Oil Mills Limited 5,390,625 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SSOM S.S. Oil Mills Limited 5,658,400 Corplink (Pvt.) Limited
SURAJ Suraj Ghee Industries Limited 958,100  


(Number of companies in sector: 2)
Company Name Sorted by company name O.S. Shares Registrar
BNWM Bannu Woollen Mills Limited 9,506,250 Management & Registration Services (Pvt.) Limited
MOON Moonlite (Pakistan) Limited 2,159,600 Your Secretary (Pvt.) Limited

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